Saginaw High School Proofs Page


High School Administrative
High School Schedule Board High School Entrance Banner
High School Motto Board Principal Office Window Screen left
Principal Office Window Screen right SHS Alma Mater (8'x5')
SHS Fight Song (8'x5') SHS Wall of Excellence header 12"x72"
SHS Rough Rider Pride sign 24"x18" SHS School Spirit sign 24"x18"
SHS Rough Rider Pride 2 sign 24"x18" SHS Gym Rules sign 24"x18"
SHS Gym Authorized Personnel 24"x18" SHS Field House Schedule board 24"x36"
Saginaw Yard Sign 18"x24"

Saginaw HS Home of Roughriders sign 4'x8'

SHS Main Gym directions sign 24"x18" SHS South Wall directions sign 24"x18"
SHS C/E Wall directions sign 24"x18" SHS C/E Main Gym Wall directions sign 24"x18"
Wall Wraps and Door Wraps
Gym double door wrap 7'x6' Gym 2 double door wrap 7'x6'
Front Entry SRS logo 9'2"x21' inside Once a Roughrider wall wrap 7'x18'1"
Wrestling Room door wrap 7'x3' Weight Room door wrap 7'x6'
Playoff Championship Boards
Girls Basketball Championship Board Volleyball Championship Board
Boys Basketball Championship Board Wrestling Championship Board
Softball Championship Board Men's Gym Championship Board
Women's Gym Championship Board Women's Track Championship Board
Men's Soccer Championship Board Football Championship Board
Saginaw barrel sign 1 Saginaw barrel sign 1 gold
Saginaw barrel sign 2 Saginaw barrel sign 2 gold
Football Sideline Board Football Playoff Locker Tag
2016 Sub-Varsity locker tag (1"x8")
Fight! Focus! Finish! sign (3'x12') Strength Records board (4'x 8')
Play Like a Champion sign (24"x 36") Effort Wins sign (2'x 10')
HFC door sign (24"x 18") Football Playoffs board 6' x 8'
Respect sign 20"x22' Beyond Rider Nation header board 1' x 6'
Football Records board 5' x 4' Beyond Rider Nation poster 11"x8 1/2"
Team Football Records board 4' x 4' Football POW board 3' x 4'
Combo Goals Board (5' x 7') Locker Tag Filler Strip (1 1/4 x 8)
2011 Locker Tag (3 1/2"x 8") Defensive Goals Board
Offensive Goals Board Football Schedule Board
Special Teams Goals Board Powerlifting Records Board
Offensive Game Plan Board Freshmen Strength Top 10
Varsity Strength Top 10 Locker Awards Board
Football Depth Chart Board Locker Award Football
Locker Award Star Locker Award Saginaw RR
Locker Award Skull Saginaw Rough Rider logo
Saginaw helmet logo Weight Room Rules Board
Window Screen 1 Window Screen 2
Weight Room Motto Board left end Weight Room Motto Board right
Goals Boards helmet sticker (1.5 x 1.5) Height Chart 24"x6"
FB Depth Chart boards 5'x6' FB Defensive Depth Chart boards 2'x3'
FB Offensive Depth Chart boards 2'x3' FB Special Teams Depth Chart boards 3'x3'
Vertical Jump Chart 78"x6"
Men and Women's Basketball
WBB 2016 locker tag 3"x8" WBB 2016 bag tag 2 1/8"x3 3/8"
Girls Basketball Roster Board Girls BB Records Board
Girls BB Defensive Goals Board Girls BB Offensive Goals Board
Girls Basketball Photo Poster Girls BB Player of the Week Board
Saginaw Basketball Goals Sticker Boys Basketball Locker Board
Boys Basketball Roster Board Boys Basketball Record Board
Boys Basketball Locker Tag Girls 2011 Basketball Locker Tag
Basketball Weight Room Board 1 Basketball Weight Room Board 2
Boys Basketball Window Screen 1 Girls BB Coach Rough Riders sign 23"x234"
Boys Basketball Academic Honors Girls BB Riders In Action sign 10"x59"
Boys Basketball Goals board Girls BB Riders window screen 28"x4"
Basketball bag tag Girls BB Riders In Action sign 10"x59"
Boys Basketball Court grid Girls BB Senior Spotlight sign 25"x50"
Boys Basketball Window Screen 2 Girls BB SRS oval sign 24"x42"
Boys Basketball Top 10 board Girls BB Together sign 24"x24"
Boys Basketball District Honors Boys BB Family sign 1'x8'
Basketball District Standings board Boys BB Hard Work sign 18"x144"
Boys BB Hoops sign 18"x96" Boys BB Mental Toughness sign 45"x60"
Boys BB Pyramid of Success 36"x36" Boys BB 2013 locker tag 3"x8"
Boys BB Wooden Best quote 24"x36" Boys BB Wooden hard Work quote 24"x36"
Wrestling Champions Board (4' x 8')
Track & Cross Country
Track & Field Records Board (4' x 6') XC locker tag 3"x8"
Women's Soccer and Volleyball
Saginaw 2015 Soccer Locker Tag Volleyball Locker Tag
Girls Soccer Player of the Week 2 Volleyball Goals Board
Girls Soccer Records Board Volleyball Records Board
Girls Soccer Offense and Defense Goals Board Volleyball Player of the Week
Girls Soccer Locker Award Tag Volleyball Rider Award of the Week
Soccer Award Sticker Volleyball Offensive Player of the Week
Saginaw Baseball Locker Tag Volleyball Defensive Player of the Week
Saginaw Softball Locker Tag Volleyball Practice Player of the Week
Men's 2012 State Championship 5x7 SHS Gymnastics Eat Healthy poster 4x5
Men's 2013 State Championship 5x7
Tennis Scoreboard 31"x46" Tennis Court Number sign 18"x18"
Tennis Fall District 2012 banner 3'x4' Tennis Spring Individual 2013 banner 3'x4'
Tennis Fall Team District 2013 banner 3'x4' Tennis Tennis Garley banner 3'x4'
Tennis Spring Team District 2014 banner 3'x4' Tennis Fall Team District 2014 banner 3'x4'
Tennis Spring Team District 2015 banner 3'x4' Tennis Garley State Champion banner 5'x6'
Tennis Fall Team District 2015 banner 3'x4' Tennis Spring Team District 2016 banner 3'x4'
Tennis Fall Team District 2016 banner 3'x4' Tennis Spring Team District 2017 banner 3'x4'
Tennis Fall Resilient banner 3'x4' Tennis Fall Team District 2017 banner 3'x4'
Athletic Training
Saginaw AT Get Better sign 14"x20" Saginaw AT Redden door tag 3"x12"
Saginaw AT Auxiliary TR door sign 8 1/2"x11" Saginaw AT Reames door tag 3"x12"
Saginaw AT Character sign 18"x14" Saginaw AT Steroid Use sign 8 1/2"x11"
Saginaw Athletic Training Schedule board Saginaw Athletic Training window screen
Saginaw Athletic Training G104 door sign Saginaw Athletic Training Rebuilt sign
Saginaw AT No Shoes sign Saginaw AT locker tag 3"x8"
Saginaw AT door tag 3"x12" Baseball Records board 5'x15'
Golf Records board 3'x30" Safe Sports School banner 20"x16"
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